Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Here is a little report of an amazing day at VINTAGE VOGUE...

After filling the car up at 7-30am in torrential rain, we arrived at Brentwood in slightly lighter rain!
But it didn't dampen anyone's spirits as we set up in record time for once!!

And despite the awful weather, the crowds came flowing in straight away!
From the off the punters were buying, and to my amazement I was quickly selling out of certain cards.
Nice to see people were buying all sorts of different things from me, from framed pictures, foamboards, cards, books to comics. Something for everyone!!

Had a wander around all the other stalls and saw some brilliant things to buy. A real mixture of items, top notch vintage clothes, framed Vogue magazine covers, knitted 50s tops, kitchen and homeware and jewellery.

VINTAGE VOGUE has always had a very special atmosphere, and the music played there really helps that. The tunes spun by Stephen were spot on as usual, and really made the day swing along very nicely.  And Stephen's music quiz questions kept us amused throughout the day!

Thanks to everyone who braved the April showers to come along and make it a brilliant day.
Special thanks to the organisers Michele and Stephen for their amazing dedication and professionalism and for their enthusiam.

Yet another packed stall, don't you just love that 70s tablecloth!

My new foamboard stand made its d├ębut, displaying the Dazzling Decades!

Stephen, DJ extraordinaire!

A glimpse at the packed venue in Brentwood.

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