Sunday, 18 September 2011


Here is a little rundown of yesterday's HANDMADE AND VINTAGE FAIR in Leigh-on-Sea...

Having appeared at the Military Fun Day last weekend, it has been a crazy couple of weeks.
After lots of printing, sticking, framing and card-making, I was ready to rock 'n' roll at Leigh!

This great event is always a winner and so it proved again yesterday.
I still managed to spend most of my takings at the other stalls, but that's all part of the fun! It's always great meeting all the other stall-holders and seeing their amazing creations.

My favourite purchase was the 40s pin-up fridge magnets from TootBagEye!
Check out their brilliant website:

It's always interesting to see what is the most popular item on my stall, and once again it was my
Restez Calme et Continuez cards, I sold loads of them again! One person said she has a snail in her kitchen she can't get rid of, so the card will calm her down!!!

But it is always impossible to cater for everyone's taste. Two ladies popped up and one said to her companion, "Shame there's no Dolly Parton.".....
So next time you visit my stall, you'll know why I have a Special Dolly Parton Card Section!!!

I now have a little break until my next fair, which will be on 3rd/4th December at Hedingham Castle.
But I will still be frantically producing new designs and stocking up on old favourites.
Lots of scanning and Photoshopping to do now!

Here is a little scene of some happy shoppers!

A packed stall once again!
Here are the cards, but sadly none with Dolly Parton!
The best card for anyone getting snails in their kitchen...

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  1. Those cards are fab matt my MIL will love it. Nice to have you as neighbours all day