Monday, 16 September 2019


Take a look at these oddly cute, kitsch, and ever-so-slightly unsettling portraits ...

They were painted by the extraordinary artist, Ozz França (1928-1991).

Although born in Brazil, he was best known for his unusual images of Native American women.
Also a talented swimmer, he even qualified for the Brazil Olympic Swimming Team for the never-to-be-held Olympic Games in Tokyo 1940.

Unbelievably, only a year after moving to the USA, he was working in Hollywood for Walt Disney!
Doing movie illustrations for the Lady and the Tramp and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
He was even known to sneak off sometimes and appear in movies where there were swimmers required!

Almost as a side-project, he also did these child portraits throughout the 1960s. Curiously their trade mark big eyes aren't particularly original, as other artists used the same idea, but they do have a strange quality about them.
He produced a whole series of them, all in that weirdly beguiling style.
Our two are classic examples and were printed and framed in America.

If you fancy this slice of 60s kitsch, then lucky you, as I'm bringing them along to this Saturday's VINTAGE SOMERSET FAIR in Wells!!

See you there!!

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