Sunday, 21 February 2021


In the latest issue of the Chelsea fanzine CFCUK, there is an intriguing advert to start a new football club.



Some REAL Chelsea fans are getting together with the idea of forming a brand new club, to play in the lower reaches of the non-league, away from the modern-day game, away from the money, power and all the rest.




The proposed name is RISING SUN FC, a nod to the original name of the pub opposite the main gates at Stamford Bridge, where the Club was first formed in 1905. Nice touch!

After the sacking of Frank Lampard, it's hard to still Keep the Blue Flag Flying High to be honest.

Yet another chance of the club creating a lasting and fruitful legacy has been thrown away.


I've long thought a club run by, and FOR, Chelsea fans would be an amazing way to reconnect with football, and what being a football fan is all about.

Over the last couple of decades the enjoyment has slowly been sucked out of the 'Matchday Experience', with the cost of tickets long ago entering the realms of fantasy.

Early days of course, but I wish them all the luck in the world to get this dream going.

Can't wait to be standing (not sitting), and watching this brand new team, and belting out classic CFC songs for 90 minutes ...

Saturday, 20 February 2021


Excitement is mounting as another couple of pages of ARTPIX magazine Issue 2 have been designed ...



Monday, 15 February 2021


A sudden wave of inspiration has hit ArtPix Towers recently, meaning I've started work again on the 2nd issue of ArtPix Magazine!!!

During last year's long lockdown I started up my own online digital magazine, and then fully intended to carry on and do another issue in Autumn ...


I designed a few pages, then life and a sudden drop in inspiration, meant it kept being put on the backburner.

Then suddenly last week, I had a mad spell and whizzed through loads of pages!

I've also updated and redesigned the look of quite a lot of it as well, as I wasn't all that happy with the first issue in the end.

I still need to write most of it though, but getting down the ideas and designs is a big step forward.

Watch this space for more news!!

Tuesday, 9 February 2021


Might not feel like it at the moment, but the first signs of Spring are slowly peeping through ...!

Sunday, 7 February 2021


Bridge over a main road outside Weymouth in Dorset, looks like a bit of random Brutalist architecture plonked in the countryside ...

Sunday, 31 January 2021


Here are two brand new designs from my RETRO FOOTBALL series!

The giants of Scottish football, the Old Firm duo of RANGERS and CELTIC.

Was great fun putting these together, as they are clubs with such rich and amazing histories.

I've had them printed, and are both available as 7x5 greetings cards.

Get in touch if you would like some!


Thursday, 28 January 2021


Spotted this scene the other day, on a rare foray into the outside world.

A lone ivy making its way in the world, on a wall outside a manor house in Dorset.