Saturday, 18 March 2023


For a while now I've been dabbling in all things Mid-Century.


Funny how things turn out and how your tastes and inspirations change.

I still do an eclectic vintage mix of anything from Victorian to the 1980s, but seem to be drawn to that 50s to 70s thing at the moment!

I mostly do furniture, and this week I've been restoring and sprucing up an amazing set of drawers.

Check these out...


I'll be doing a specialised Mid-Century fair in April, more news on that to follow!

Thursday, 2 March 2023


Finally things are starting to happen!!

Although I've done a few fairs so far this year, it's nice to have a few dates to put on the calendar!

So here goes for March...

Sunday 5th March:


Saturday 11th March:

Sunday 26th March:



Hope to see you at one of them!


Saturday, 18 February 2023


Here is a collage artwork I finished recently ...

Everything used on here are from recycled and reused items.

I found the antique frame in a skip, just thrown away, so I rescued it knowing I could use it for something.

All the images are cut from all sorts of magazines and newspapers, that again would just be thrown away.

That's the thing with people dealing with vintage and antique items, we reuse and recycle everything!

I can never believe what gets chucked out, and I'm also finding more and more that recycle centres are throwing away perfectly good items that could have a second life.

I used to love doing digital collages, but I'm into doing physical collage and decoupage at the moment, especially when I can reuse these bits and pieces.

Tuesday, 31 January 2023


Well that's January done at last!!!

To be honest, it was a very slow start to the year.

Bad weather, not being able to get out, people not spending money, and worst of all ... no vintage markets!!!

At least that was remedied, with my first market of the year, at the Giant Shepton Flea on the 22nd.

Brilliant to be back out there and selling, I was missing getting up at 4am and standing around all day!!!

Had a brilliant days trading, and it really boosted my flagging confidence.

I've also been lucky recently with new stock, finding some amazing stuff, which makes me think things really are springing back to life now. 


As the weather has finally been drier recently, I've managed to get out into my yard and start again on some renovation projects. My house is literally full of stuff waiting to be sorted out!

Us vintage traders are the best recyclers in the world, as we can spot things left abandoned by a roadside, rescue them, and then give them a new lease of life.

The last thing I found was a 1950s Lloyd Loom seat, which had been left out in the rain.

I'm currently repairing it and re-covering the seat, and will be out at the markets soon seeking a new home!

Talking of markets, my next one will be the brilliant Langport Vintage Market on 11th February! 

Do come along if you are in the Somerset/South West area, and fancy seeing some amazing vintage stuff!

See you there!

Thursday, 19 January 2023


Finally I'll be back out on the road for a market this Sunday, at the GIANT SHEPTON FLEA MARKET!

I love this event, as its huge and full of amazing stuff.

I also love the challenge of finding unusual and interesting vintage items to bring along.

Has been a long old January so far, but I've been busy getting ready for this event.


So come along if you can and getting spending!!!

Friday, 30 December 2022


That's another year over!!!

As this country has lurched from farce to farce this year, with the rich getting ever more richer, it's been another 'interesting' year for small traders!!!

My plans for expansion are STILL on hold...

Can't invest in a bigger van, storage is too expensive, a bigger unit would be risky, and absolutely forget the dream of opening a shop.

So I'm still trading at vintage fairs, which have actually been brilliant this year.

Have my regulars at Bridport and Langport, plus Shepton Flea, but owing to the criminal fuel prices, have been reluctant to try new fairs further afield.

I'm still selling online, via Facebook Marketplace, where sales can fluctuate wildly.

Can get a flurry of sales, then nothing for ages, with of course the regular idiots and timewasters to deal with. Is this still available???!!!

One thing I have changed though, is doing stuff on social media.

Lets be honest, its mostly a complete waste of time.

I now don't really post on Facebook at all, and my poor little Blog has been abandoned as well!

I have started on Instagram though, and just keep it simple, posting regular pictures on there, with minimum text.

But apart from a few responses, its still not really worth it.

I'll keep this Blog going though, as this was my first foray into dabbling online some 12 years ago.

Have at least enjoyed restoring many pieces of vintage furniture this year.

Has really taken me away from the computer and designing and creating collages.

Again, as there is zero response to my artworks and designs, I feel its more worthwhile restoring furniture. At least I can sell it.

First market of the new year will be the Giant Shepton Flea on January 22nd, so find me there and support small traders!!!


Thursday, 15 December 2022


Now that I live in Dorset, getting this curious little plate meant a bit more.


Made by classic 70s ceramic company Biltons, it features a brilliant illustration of landmarks around the county. Most of which are now familiar to me.

Such as the crazy Cerne Abbas giant, the swans at Abbotsbury, Gold Hill at Shaftesbury and the Tank Museum near Wareham.