Monday, 11 November 2019


Once more we have reached the 11th of November ...

And once more we have witnessed the sight of royals, religious leaders and politicians being first in line BEFORE any veteran.
I would love to know why all the media lead every story of Remembrance with a reference to a royal family member.

I used to always be at London's Cenotaph on this day, but today I was at the Isle of Portland's own Cenotaph this morning at 11am, and there were barely 15 people there.
But it felt so much more dignified and poignant than having to dodge security guarding our 'heroic' political leaders.

This is why I love the poet Siegfried Sassoon, who's irony, cynicism, suspicion of those who rule, and direct experience of horrific combat, makes him one of the leading voices of the First World War.

Please check out his incredible poems.
Like this one ...


In red and gold the Corps-Commander stood,
With ribboned breast puffed out for all to see:
He'd sworn to beat the Germans, if he could;
For God had taught him strength and strategy.
He was our leader, and a judge of Port –
Rode well the hounds, and was a damned good sort.

'Eyes right!' We passed him with a jaunty stare.
'Eyes front!' He'd watched his trusted legions go.
I wonder if he guessed how many there
Would get knocked out of time in next week's show.
'Eyes right!' The corpse-commander was a Mute;
And Death leered round him, taking our salute.

©Siegfried Sassoon 25 December 1916

Thursday, 7 November 2019


Just one of the amazing things I'm bringing along to this Sunday's LOU LOU'S BOURNEMOUTH VINTAGE FAIR is this groovy dress ...

Just check out how cool this is!!!

If you want this slice of 70s style, then all you have to do is run along to the Bournemouth Pavilion on 10th November and find it on my stall!!


Tuesday, 5 November 2019


Just letting you know that this Sunday I'll be at Lou Lou's Bournemouth Vintage Fair!!

Come on down to beautiful Bournemouth and find me in the iconic Pavilion, right on the seafront.
This will be a right old vintage extravaganza, so don't miss out!!

See you there!

Read all about it HERE

Saturday, 2 November 2019


My latest Retro Football design is perhaps one of the most iconic and controversial teams of the 60s and 70s .... 


During that era they became an astonishingly efficient unit, winning trophy after trophy, but sometimes with methods that were on the edge!

It's interesting to note, that prior to that time the club had been a fairly modest outfit, flitting between the old First and Second Divisions.

But everything would change once Don Revie was installed as manager in March 1961. 
First up they won the Second Division Championship in 1963/64, and the revolution continued claiming the League title five years later.

In Revie's time as manager, before he moved on to be England's coach in 1974, they also claimed the League Cup, Inter-Cities Fairs Cup twice, another League title, Charity Shield, and finally the golden prize of the FA Cup in 1972.

What is also incredible is that Leeds were runner-ups in various competitions on eleven different occasions during his reign. Five times in the League, and heartbreakingly, in three FA Cup finals! 
It goes to show how competitive they were, as geniune contenders for every trophy on offer.

After Revie left though, things began to slide, despite a European Cup final against Bayern Munich in 1975 (Runners-up again!).

Two brief renaissances happened though, as Leeds won the League title again in 1992, the last proper season before the Premier League kicked-in the following season.

And under David O'Leary they got to a Champions League Semi-Final in 2001, but since then the club has struggled under various owners and many different managers.

But we are here to savour the glory days of Revie, and the endless names of legendary players that era produced.
Bremner, Hunter, Giles, Reaney, Clarke, Madeley, Jones, Charlton, Gray, Sprake, Lorimer .... 

Take a look at the other teams I've done in my RETRO FOOTBALL series HERE

Thursday, 31 October 2019


Here we are again ...
That time of year when it's ok to be a little bit weird, just for a day of course!

Was going to come up with a really scary artwork involving monsters, ghosts etc etc, but looking around all I can see is the VERY scary future that our doomed country faces ...

Enjoy ...

Friday, 25 October 2019


After another eventful ArtPix week(!), I'm off to Devon for a few days to visit some of the ArtPix Clan.

When I get back I'll hopefully have some news of markets, and updates on my latest projects and designs.

Fingers crossed for more luck as well!!!

See ya soon ...

Sunday, 20 October 2019


Someone somewhere is trying to tell me something ...

Having had to cancel a few outdoor events recently, I was really looking forward to doing the INDOOR Exeter Flea Market yesterday .......


Having prepared all week to get ready, very early on Saturday morning, the electrics at ArtPix Towers decided to go haywire. So instead of going to the market, I was calling a sparky to come round and fix things.

So, as well as losing the stall money, there was the loss of potential earnings, meaning October and September have been a bit of a disaster.


Fingers will be very crossed for my next fair .... LOU LOU'S VINTAGE FAIR in Bournemouth on 10th November!!!

Fortunately my unit at THE CUSTOMS HOUSE in West Bay has continued to do well.

Sales have been up from last year, which is pretty rare these days for any business. 

I'm putting loads of football related stuff in there this week. 
So run along if you fancy any retro football programmes and designs of your favourite teams!