Friday, 10 July 2020


My brand new digital magazine – ARTPIX – is now online and ready to read ...

So if you are a fan of the ace jazz musician LOUIS ARMSTRONG, go and have a look now!!
You'll find some pics of original items, and a rundown of his amazing career.

Plus a whole load more vintage-inspired articles!!!


Thursday, 9 July 2020


The first issue of my brand new digital magazine is ready!!!

Go to the link HERE

I've uploaded it to Issuu, so you can browse through the magazine at your leisure!

I'm pleased to have this now up and running, as it was an idea I'd first had a few years ago.
When the lockdown really kicked in, I revived the idea.
The initial planning, setting out my ideas, sourcing pictures, photographing stock, designing and writing it, was all done in barely 2 months.

I wanted a fairly fluid style and design to it, not a rigid template with the same layout and fonts on every page. I also wanted a 'vintage-but-modern' feel.

It shows my passion for all things vintage and retro, also showing some of the stock I have for sale, and items in collections I've got.
I've also been able to showcase some of my own designs and artworks, with photos and digital collages.

Below is the Contents page, showing what's on all the different pages.

Most of the features will be regulars, including the Retro Football, Classic Movies, Fave Vintage Mags and the For Sale pages.

I hope it will be of interest to someone out there!!

I'm already working on the next issue, as I'm planning to do 4 magazines a year, with a publishing date of Autumn.

Keep in touch here for updates and news of the next issue, including a sneaky look at the cover of Issue 2 ...

Monday, 6 July 2020


As usual at ArtPix Towers, we've had some interesting events to stop us in our tracks. Last time it was a swarm of bees getting into the loft, then a leaking water pipe that damaged floor and stock. Lovely.

Despite all this I've just finished the second round of proof corrections for my new digital magazine ARTPIX. Very kindly proofread by Carya Gish from Arcane Publishing!

Once I've done a few boring technical bits, it will be ready to rock 'n' roll!!

There are 44 pages altogether, with many features including vintage items, music, retro football, plus some of my own photos and artworks.

I'll let you know very soon when the publishing date is!!!

Sunday, 5 July 2020


A photo from the ArtPix Archives of a picture I took in Prague ...

In one of the many cobbled streets, with dark alleys, and old buildings.

Prague is an amazing city, packed to the brim with history, of good and bad times, some very bad.

That history has spawned a whole diverse range of fascinating architecture, from medieval castles to space-age Communist-era TV towers.
Some of these have appeared in my digital artworks!

When I went there, I had a really old-school camera, film rolls and all, so I wasn't able to take that many pictures. 
It would be great to go back and once more soak up the unique atmosphere of the place, and go mad with a digital camera and take hundreds of photos.

Saturday, 27 June 2020


After I was trawling through the ArtPix Photo Library today, I've chosen a random photo for the day ...

The Hardy Tree, in the churchyard of St Pancras Old Church, near King's Cross in London.

So called because these gravestones were placed there by, non-other than, the author Thomas Hardy.

The story goes, that in the 1860s St Pancras station needed to be enlarged, as London was expanding at an alarming rate. 
This meant removing and exhuming nearby grave sites to put down the wider tracks. 
The firm of architects where Hardy was working were given this lovely job!

When all was done, they were left with the spare gravestones. Hardy then had the idea of laying them all around an ash tree in the churchyard.

Over time they have blended in with the tree, creating an atmospheric bark and stone, 'life and death' sculpture.

Hardy later toddled off to Dorset to become a world-famous author.

I myself led a similar path (apart from the world-famous bit!), as I used to work near this churchyard, and then I also toddled off to Dorset!!!

Wednesday, 24 June 2020


We are now passed the Summer Solstice and halfway through 2020!

Not been a great year has it??!!

But things are starting to happen and reopen.

First of all The Customs House in West Bay, Dorset, has been open for over a week now.
I'm pleased to say my unit there has picked up from where it left off, and sales have been great.
At last some money coming into the ArtPix coffers!!

So pop down there if you can, and pick up some vintage treasures, and also my own designs.

There are rumblings of various markets and boot fairs kicking off again, so stay tuned for more news of those. 
It will all be a bit of a minefield as to how they will be able to operate, but it will be a massive boost to me if they can start again.

And finally ....  
News of my long-awaited new venture, the ARTPIX digital magazine!!!

I've finished all the design and text, and I've just handed over the pdfs to my in-house proofreader Carya Gish of Arcane Publishing!!
She's very kindly assisting me on this project, and will take time out from writing her third novel, The Right Place, to read through it all and correct the many mistakes I've probably made!

The magazine started out as a possible 16-pager, but has ended up being a whopping 44 pages!

Below is a sneak preview of ARTPIX magazine's first cover. It shows a Picture Post, as there is an 8-page feature on the classic vintage magazine ...

Sunday, 14 June 2020


Just letting you know that my unit at The Customs House is back up and running from Monday 15th June!!!

As shops are now starting to tentatively open their doors, The Customs House will be back open as well, with the obvious guidelines in place.

Please do pop in, if you find yourself down in West Bay in Dorset.
The lockdown months have been tough on me and many other vintage traders, so spend, spend, spend!!!!