Monday, 19 March 2018


 Take a look at this classic STAR WARS toy! 


Made in 1980 by Palitoy, to tie-in with the film, this is a superbly detailed set.
It features a gun turret from the Rebel base, that was on the ice planet of Hoth, and a spy droid from the Empire.

The evil Empire had sent out the spying Probot droids to detect which planet the Rebels were hiding on.

Han Solo saw it land in the snowy landscape while out on a patrol and decided to check it out. He fired his gun at it and the droid exploded, thus dooming the Rebels to an Empire invasion!

And you can recreate that moment, as there is a handy device on the playset that makes the Probot pop off its stand!

If you had enough figures of Rebel soldiers and Stormtroopers you could also have a go at recreating the famous battle! But I only had one of each, so it didn't look quite so impressive!!

Have a look at these pix to see the various bits...

Here is the Probot on its stand, and a nice close-up below showing the attention to detail.

The Rebel Alliance's gun turret. 

And the great stickers on the side!

The door and a hatch on the top opened up.

And here is the actual scene of Han Solo shooting at the Probot on the side of the playset's original box.

I still have the leaflet that came with the set!
Which handily explains how to recreate Han's encounter with the Probot.

Unbelievably I've also got the original backing where the stickers were on!!

If you pop down to the  GIANT TOY COLLECTORS FAIR at Shepton Mallet on 25th March  all this could be yours!!!!

It'll be on my stall there, so hurry up and get there early, kick-off is at 10-30am.
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Saturday, 17 March 2018


Got an absolute corker of a Corgi car to show you ...

 This fantastic Ford Thunderbird is from the American TV series VEGA$

The car was very much part of the show, and obviously set in Las Vegas, it starred Robert Urich as Private Detective Dan Tanna, and ran for an impressive 69 episodes between 1978 and 1981.

And the toy manufacturers Corgi saw the potential, with a classic American motor and a hit TV show, they produced this gem in 1980.

Brilliantly detailed and with an added Dan Tanna figure it really looks the part.

I still have the original box!!!
And check out the price label from 1980 stuck on the front ... £2-99!

Robert Urich as Dan Tanna features on the box.
The back of the box has a great shot of the car cruising down a street in Las Vegas.

The distinctive Corgi packaging of bright yellow and very dark blue. I've always loved this simple but really stylish design. And nice touch of replicating the Dollar sign as the S, as they did in the TV show!

Great packaging inside the box, with the car screeching to a halt and Dan firing his gun.

Close-up view of Dan!

Superb detailing to capture the T-Bird look.

Added bonuses of the boot and bonnet opening, or should that be, trunk and hood?!

Another nice touch of authenticity with the painted white wheels.

I have loads and loads of retro Corgi cars, most with their original boxes, for sale.
Find them all on my stall at the  GIANT TOY COLLECTORS FAIR  at Shepton Mallet on 25th March!!!

Thursday, 15 March 2018


I've got a great selection of the fantastic French cars made by the Majorette company.
All dating to the late 1970s to early 1980s, they were part of my huge car collection as a kid!

I remember they were just that little bit different from our own Matchbox cars. They came in unusual rectangular clear plastic boxes and the design and construction seemed to be a bit sharper and more precise.

The Majorette brand started life in 1964 when Emil VĂ©ron, branched out from making toy trains, to produce small cars. By 1967 the Majorette name was fully up and running and the Lyon based company blossomed into France's most successful toy car manufacturer.

They are still going today, although slightly sadly no longer in France, having upped sticks to Thailand after a take-over.

But let us savour these few examples of the Majorette cars in its heyday ...

This label appeared at the bottom of all the boxes. It featured the Majorette logo, which has a fantastic use of typography to create the feel of a car.

Just like any old VW Beetle, its a bit bashed but much-loved!!

Stylish BMW 733, in an unusual metallic light green colour.

 Brilliant Dune Buggy with groovy flowers.

This Bertone-Camargue still has its original box, which was shown above.

Room for the dog in the back of this Jeep Cherokee!

An American Police Car, a strange departure for Majorette, as they mostly picked French and European cars.

This one is just called 'Crazy Car'! And I guess it is, great colour as well.

A Datsun 260Z with opening doors. Not that many of their cars had anything that opened.

Close-up of the front of a Mercedes 350SL.

A classic Ford Capri, with brilliant orange headlamps. 

This is a Mercedes Trax Publics, a shortened way of saying Travaux Publics, which is a bit like a council/engineering works.

A lovely Morgan sports car, with detachable hood.

This Porsche 924 from 1980 looks great in metallic silver with an orange plastic boot.

This Saviem lorry has a sneaky advert for Majorette on the plastic container at the back!!

I love this simple little Simca 1100 TI, with its yellow headlamps. Catch it later pulling a caravan!!

Another Simca, this time a 1308, in a stunning bronze colour.

This is a Toyota Safari vehicle from 1978, with a grid at the front, spare tyres and a plastic canopy.

Here we have a Volvo 245DL pulling a trailer and a rather nifty looking speedboat.

Very cool police van! A Fourgon VW no less.

As promised, here is the Simca pulling a caravan!! Replicating the advert for the St Tropez Caravan.

All these will be on sale on my stall at the GIANT TOY COLLECTORS FAIR at the Royal Bath & West Showground in Shepton Mallet on 25th March.

See you there!!