Wednesday, 8 April 2020


Very pleased to see that the symbolic Last Post ceremony in Ypres is still carrying on throughout the lockdowns ...

The small Belgian town of Ypres in Belgium, was stuck out in a salient throughout the First World War, and saw the worst of the fighting and shelling.

It became a famous and iconic beacon for all the Allied troops, and remains an extraordinary place today. The townspeople returned to the shattered town and rebuilt it.

They then wanted to create a way of saying thank you to all who had served and died there. When the huge Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing was opened in 1927, they had their perfect location.

It's an enormous archway construction, which on the insides, has inscribed the names of 54,896 soldiers who died in the area, but were never found.

On 2nd July 1928, members of the local Fire Brigade closed the road to traffic, stood in the middle of the arch, and sounded the evocative Last Post tune on their bugles.
Incredibly, the Fire Brigade have done this unstintingly ever since at 8pm every night, broken only by the Second World War occupation of 1940-1944.

When interest in the War had faded, they still carried on, sometimes with no-one watching. But in recent times it has become a nightly spectacle, with huge crowds and wreath laying ceremonies.

I've seen it quite a few times, with the first couple being fairly sparsely populated, but it remains a touching and emotional moment.

Even in these awful days they refused to stop, and are carrying on with just the buglers, ironically back to how it all started, 92 years ago.

Saturday, 4 April 2020

STAY AT HOME!!!!!!!!

Just wondering which bit of the sentence – STAY AT HOME – people don't understand???

Usual floods of cars going passed ArtPix Towers all day, as if nothing is going on ... they can't all be going to Lidl!!!

Friday, 3 April 2020


On our daily exercise walks, I've noticed a lot of 'Be Happy' and 'Stay Safe' drawings and signs on people's windows ...

Which of course is all very lovely and great, but I always like to take a more realistic approach to life.

So I've dug out this t-shirt, put it on a mannequin, and plonked it in my window ...

Seems a bit more appropriate at the moment, especially as society and our fine Government seem determined to leave behind, and kill off, the surviving generation who actually fought and lived through the War.

Thursday, 2 April 2020


These chairs are now highly sought-after, and absolutely scream MID-CENTURY!!!
I've got four of these classic chairs, that were manufactured by Ben Chairs of Frome in Somerset.

They're a fantastic design, and have a real individual appeal about them.

Made of beech, the company were experts in the art of bending wood using steam, which produced the iconic shapes on the arms.

I can also precisely date my chairs to 1964, which is bang in the middle of the very cool and collectable Mid-Century era.

These are now ready for sale, and when all is well, will be up for grabs.

Tuesday, 31 March 2020


Well the month of March turned out well didn't it ....?

What started as a very optimistic time for all things ArtPix, has all melted away into nothingness.

One bright thing though, I'm getting lots of projects and upcycling done ...

Oh, and another thing ... 
While I applaud all the praise being heaped onto the NHS staff, I would like to point out that they were all great and doing a fantastic job a month ago, when no-one wanted to know about them.
Also six months ago, a year ago, 5 years ago, 10 years ago, indeed they were all doing a great job when I worked for the NHS 30 years ago ...

Sunday, 29 March 2020


Check out this gem from the ArtPix Storeroom ...

I do love an unusual ceramic piece, and this one fits the bill.

Made by Amberglade Pottery in Derbyshire, this jug has such a unique decoration ... a set of vintage 1930s cigarette cards of different flowers.

Looks like a decoupage of the original cards have been stuck on the side!

When life finally kicks off again, this will have pride of place on my stall at my next vintage fair...

Friday, 27 March 2020


Have been tackling a few projects and bits 'n' pieces this week, now we are all indoors!

Picked up this nice 30s wooden tray last year and thought it could do with brightening up a bit.
So did a good old Beano decoupage on it!!

All the usual suspects are on there of course, Dennis & Gnasher and Minnie the Minx ...

Has been all varnished, and the dark wood all restored, just needs a new home now.
Hopefully one day we'll be back out there selling and buying at vintage fairs.