Thursday, 5 September 2019


Last week I blogged about the perils of buying stock to sell and then wanting to keep it!

Well, its happened again!!
I found this curious item in amongst a box of junk at a recent vintage market.

I'm always after things that look different, and thought this looked unusual, and a bit Steampunk. 
Presumably it holds very small things that need repairing, in the pincer hands, in which someone can look through the magnifying glass to get a better look at it.

But when I got it home, it suddenly looked like a robot and really felt like it has a personality!!

The arms, hands and 'head' all move, and with its slightly rusty and Victorian feel, it looks like a Steampunk Robot!

I've now put it to good use, as a handy way of distributing my business cards!

And as it's actually a magnifying glass, and is a magnificent specimen, I've named it Magnifique ...

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