Monday, 9 September 2019


Have a peep at this fantastic travel case from the 50s ...

Not only does it look cool, it has an amazing history, and has an extra vintage twist inside!!

Looking at the intriguing travel stickers, someone very stylish travelled across the Atlantic Ocean to Canada on the Cunard Line. 

If that wasn't great enough, they stayed in the famous Sheraton-Brock Hotel, close to the Niagara Falls, WOW!!!

This hotel was made even more iconic when Marilyn Monroe stayed there during the filming of her Noir classic Niagara in 1953.
If you can let your imagination run wild just for a second, then imagine our person was staying there at the same time, with their brand new Spartan travel case!!!

Now look inside and see that I've added an extra special 50s feel ...

I've lined the case with my very-own 1950s collage design, to add another dimension to this stunning vintage case.

If you fancy travelling around with this style icon, then lucky you, as I'm bringing it along to my next fair!

Run along to the VINTAGE SOMERSET FAIR on Saturday 21st September in Wells and find it on my stall! 


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