Sunday, 15 September 2019


Just finished a new collage ...

I found some wooden board on my local beach at Chesil Cove, which is probably a bit of boat, (complete with circular hole!), making it great to use for this collage.

And I'm always cutting out pix in any magazine I find, and keep them in a box for a rainy day.

After adding a splash of yellow to the board, I selected these random images of people.
Some of course are very famous ...!

Buster Keaton standing on Jupiter!

Oscar Wilde and Georgette Heyer feature here, while Ray Charles looks like he's enjoying himself!

A fantastic image of the amazing Alek Wek.
Graham Green and Jean Harlow are the other bods.

I usually do digital collages, but I love doing these, getting the pva glue out and sticking them all down!

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