Tuesday, 17 September 2019


If you are a fan of the 1980s, and you love the music, fashions, telly etc, then how about SMELLING like the 1980s??!!

I've got here, two unashamedly cool, cheesy and retro aftershaves to show you ...
Sergio Tacchini and Paco Rabanne!!!

Paco Rabanne was an absolute classic of the 80s aftershave world, while Sergio was a leftfield choice, considering Sergio Tacchini sportswear was the attire of the Casuals football hoolies of the day!

So how can I be sure they are actually from the 80s?
Well, embarrassingly, they were mine!!!
Back then, and even now, I had an extensive aftershave collection, and brilliantly, I found them a couple of years ago in my old loft prior to moving house.

So if you fancy a sniff, then run along in your finest Sergio Tacchini trackie top, to this Saturday's VINTAGE SOMERSET FAIR in Wells, and find them on my stall!!

See you there!

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