Monday, 12 August 2019


This Friday I'll be back at the brilliant Somerton Vintage Market in the heart of Somerset!

I was there last month and had a great day, so I'm giving it another go.
Got loads of new stock just waiting to be bought, so pop along to the lovely village of Somerton, find the beautiful Buttercross building, and have a browse!

Just one of the bits I'll be bringing is this unusual, and probably quite rare, Dutch tin ...

It has amazingly bold colours, and with the distinctive characters in traditional costume and windmill in the background, this can only be from Holland!

Not sure of the date, instinct says 1950s, but it could possibly go further back to the 40s/30s??
It would look great in a kitchen or alongside a collection of other tins.

Find it at the Somerton Vintage Market this Friday!!!

Sunday, 11 August 2019


As I live just around the corner from Chesil Cove on the Isle of Portland, when there are gale force winds, it's always great fun to go down there and watch the waves come crashing in!

And while I was down there yesterday, I noticed on the metal railings, along the promenade next to Quiddles café, something mysterious!

No, not something odd that had been washed up by the sea, but retro Bristol City stickers!!!
Someone had gone along the railings and stuck down different stickers of players!!

As a massive fan of retro football, this was brilliant, going along seeing which player would be next!
Most of them seemed to be from the late 1970s, when City were riding high in the old First Divsion.
Players like Tom Ritchie, Terry Cooper, Ray Cashley and the brilliantly named Paul Cheesley.


But, they weren't original ones, like the classic Panini stickers, they must have been a new set of stickers designed to look retro, COOL!!

So who was this mysterious person sticking retro stickers around Portland??!!
Could it be this person here ... !

I should have a set of stickers made up of my very own retro tribute to Bristol City!
It could become a unique marketing campaign to get more people to buy my retro football designs!!


Saturday, 10 August 2019


Tonight my absolute favourite band are playing in Ladbroke Grove's Subterania in London.

And I won't be there .....

Tickets were a whopping fifty-odd quid, which I just couldn't justify spending, especially now I have to add on the petrol to get there from Dorset.

But, I do have the memories of seeing them play there in 1994.
One of my all-time favourite gigs ever!

Subterania is a tiny venue, and it was hotter than hot inside, but we all witnessed a very special performance from Killing Joke.

I was down the front as usual, and spent most of the evening getting crushed, and trying to avoid either being burnt alive or covered in paint by the performance artist they used to have on stage with them around that time. And I loved every second of it.

From a few grainy screen grabs from YouTube, you can see the chaos, and also you can see me!!
I had very long hair in those days, but that's me down there in the melee!!

So I won't be there tonight, but I'll be remembering that gig.

Honour the fire.

Watch it all here if you fancy it!!!

Thursday, 8 August 2019


Looks like the weather has turned into classic British summer holiday mode – awful!!!

So instead of getting battered by the wind and rain, why not run along to West Bay in Dorset, where I've stocked up my unit at The Customs House!

Just today I spent ages putting in loads of new stock, including retro football programmes, groovy ceramics, Matchbox cars, books and tonnes more ...

There are also still some of my vintage-inspired driftwood signs left as well, so grab one while stocks last!

And as the weather isn't great at the moment, I'll be confined to barracks, working on all sorts of upcycling projects from bits of rescued furniture.
Just this week I've done a decoupage of old copies of the Beano on a lovely Mid-Century table.
It's now ready for the endless coats of varnish that these things need!

I'll keep you posted on all these projects and some of the exciting new stock I've got lined up.

Saturday, 3 August 2019


Hi folks!

After my recent events in Dorchester and Taunton, this week I've been back on the road hunting down exciting new bits and pieces to sell at future fairs!

I've bought a lovely old set of wooden drawers, that will be a great little project for me to work on.

And a stunning old original painting of a sailing ship in full flight.

These, and loads more new stuff, will be appearing at my next events ...

So catch me at these dates!!

I'm making the most of the summer weather to do a few boot fairs as well, to clear some junk and a few bits of old stock. So keep an eye out for news on those.

I also had an ArtPix outing to London this week to see my first ever cricket match, Middlesex v Kent!!

I used to follow the game a bit in the 80s, but have seriously lost touch with it all.
But to see a game at the very heart and soul of the sport – Lord's – was something very special.

There is certainly an aura about the place, and even though it was only a 20-over each floodlit game, it was still hugely enjoyable.
It was also a chance for me to watch 'my team', as I was born in Middlesex!

I'll definitely go back for another game there, and also try and get to some local non-league football matches this season as well, as Premier League football gets further and further away from my budget.

Keep in touch for more news!