Wednesday, 8 April 2020


Very pleased to see that the symbolic Last Post ceremony in Ypres is still carrying on throughout the lockdowns ...

The small Belgian town of Ypres in Belgium, was stuck out in a salient throughout the First World War, and saw the worst of the fighting and shelling.

It became a famous and iconic beacon for all the Allied troops, and remains an extraordinary place today. The townspeople returned to the shattered town and rebuilt it.

They then wanted to create a way of saying thank you to all who had served and died there. When the huge Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing was opened in 1927, they had their perfect location.

It's an enormous archway construction, which on the insides, has inscribed the names of 54,896 soldiers who died in the area, but were never found.

On 2nd July 1928, members of the local Fire Brigade closed the road to traffic, stood in the middle of the arch, and sounded the evocative Last Post tune on their bugles.
Incredibly, the Fire Brigade have done this unstintingly ever since at 8pm every night, broken only by the Second World War occupation of 1940-1944.

When interest in the War had faded, they still carried on, sometimes with no-one watching. But in recent times it has become a nightly spectacle, with huge crowds and wreath laying ceremonies.

I've seen it quite a few times, with the first couple being fairly sparsely populated, but it remains a touching and emotional moment.

Even in these awful days they refused to stop, and are carrying on with just the buglers, ironically back to how it all started, 92 years ago.

Saturday, 4 April 2020

STAY AT HOME!!!!!!!!

Just wondering which bit of the sentence – STAY AT HOME – people don't understand???

Usual floods of cars going passed ArtPix Towers all day, as if nothing is going on ... they can't all be going to Lidl!!!

Friday, 3 April 2020


On our daily exercise walks, I've noticed a lot of 'Be Happy' and 'Stay Safe' drawings and signs on people's windows ...

Which of course is all very lovely and great, but I always like to take a more realistic approach to life.

So I've dug out this t-shirt, put it on a mannequin, and plonked it in my window ...

Seems a bit more appropriate at the moment, especially as society and our fine Government seem determined to leave behind, and kill off, the surviving generation who actually fought and lived through the War.

Thursday, 2 April 2020


These chairs are now highly sought-after, and absolutely scream MID-CENTURY!!!
I've got four of these classic chairs, that were manufactured by Ben Chairs of Frome in Somerset.

They're a fantastic design, and have a real individual appeal about them.

Made of beech, the company were experts in the art of bending wood using steam, which produced the iconic shapes on the arms.

I can also precisely date my chairs to 1964, which is bang in the middle of the very cool and collectable Mid-Century era.

These are now ready for sale, and when all is well, will be up for grabs.

Tuesday, 31 March 2020


Well the month of March turned out well didn't it ....?

What started as a very optimistic time for all things ArtPix, has all melted away into nothingness.

One bright thing though, I'm getting lots of projects and upcycling done ...

Oh, and another thing ... 
While I applaud all the praise being heaped onto the NHS staff, I would like to point out that they were all great and doing a fantastic job a month ago, when no-one wanted to know about them.
Also six months ago, a year ago, 5 years ago, 10 years ago, indeed they were all doing a great job when I worked for the NHS 30 years ago ...

Sunday, 29 March 2020


Check out this gem from the ArtPix Storeroom ...

I do love an unusual ceramic piece, and this one fits the bill.

Made by Amberglade Pottery in Derbyshire, this jug has such a unique decoration ... a set of vintage 1930s cigarette cards of different flowers.

Looks like a decoupage of the original cards have been stuck on the side!

When life finally kicks off again, this will have pride of place on my stall at my next vintage fair...

Friday, 27 March 2020


Have been tackling a few projects and bits 'n' pieces this week, now we are all indoors!

Picked up this nice 30s wooden tray last year and thought it could do with brightening up a bit.
So did a good old Beano decoupage on it!!

All the usual suspects are on there of course, Dennis & Gnasher and Minnie the Minx ...

Has been all varnished, and the dark wood all restored, just needs a new home now.
Hopefully one day we'll be back out there selling and buying at vintage fairs.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020


Today I'm shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of one of my musical heroes, BILL  RIEFLIN, at only 59.

For me he'll always be a massive part of the staggering Industrial scene of the late 80s and 90s, as the drummer of Ministry and many other Alternative bands.

But his career took him down many paths, including the fantastic Swans, and ending up in REM and King Crimson.

I always chuckled when I saw him, either live or on video, in amongst the chaos and noise of a Ministry gig, drumming away dressed in a pristine white shirt and tie!

I don't believe in any god, religion or afterlife, (how can you when you are an Alternative music fan!), but it would be cool to think Bill is already starting up a band with his old mate Paul Raven!!! 

Check him out here, sharing drumming duties with Martin Atkins on one of favourite ever tracks – Burning Inside by Ministry ... 

Tuesday, 24 March 2020


Now that we are at home during these extraordinary events, what better time than to dig out a vintage jigsaw puzzle?!

I actually started this devilish difficult jigsaw last year, and after a lack of progress, put it on the back burner!

But of course now with events unfolding, we are all finding all sorts of things to do at home!!
So back out of the cupboard came this cheeky puzzle ... 

One big reason it was so difficult was because it didn't have a picture with it, just the elusive title, 'Woodland Scene with Sheep'.

It was just a jumble of greens, browns, and the odd bit of yellow!

But this week I finally finished it ...

It was a joy to do, chiefly as it was so hard, but also because it has so much charm.
The pieces are made from thick wood and have unusual shapes dotted around, including swords and axes.

And, as an extra bonus, it has written inside the box, the dates it was originally put together.
Brilliantly, the owner wrote down when they completed the jigsaw. 

The first being October 12th 1931.

They had another go a month later, on November 10th, and again on December 3rd!

Presumably they got another puzzle for Christmas that year, as they weren't tempted to do it again until July 1932!!
Every time the puzzle was finished, the person faithfully wrote down the date, right up until the final time on October 17th 1933.

It would be tempting to think this is the first time it has been done since then, nearly 87 years ago ...

PS. Annoyingly there was one bit missing(!), but I guess that isn't too bad for any vintage jigsaw ....

Sunday, 22 March 2020


Nice to be able to add a market to my list of tour dates, instead of cancelling them!!!

Exeter Flea Market have rearranged their April event to 17th October.

Fingers crossed all will be well by then, so pencil the date into your diaries and come along!!!


Thursday, 19 March 2020


Two more of my upcoming events have been cancelled ...

Bridport Vintage Market on 29th March

Spring Autojumble at the Beaulieu National Motor Museum on 16th/17th May.

There are still some events in July that are hanging on, so fingers crossed we can all get back out for the summer ...

Stay safe everyone.

Wednesday, 18 March 2020


Just to let you know that Salisbury council have today cancelled the forthcoming Salisbury Sunday Market on 5th April.

I was to have a pitch there, but when all is back up and running, I'll be at their next event.

Stay safe everyone ...

Sunday, 15 March 2020


Awful times we are in at the moment.

Stay safe everyone ....

I've got a few markets and events lined this year, but obviously with the situation as it is, no-one can predict how things will be.
At the moment, all are going ahead, so here is my confirmed list so far ...

29th March

5th April

12th April

16th-17th May

26th July

Of course, I'll update you on any news regarding these events.

As a vintage trader these are worrying times, as no events means no income. 
All I can do is carry on my with many projects, artworks and renovations, that I have on the go here at ArtPix Towers.

Thursday, 12 March 2020


I'm very pleased to announce that on 5th April I'll be at the Salisbury Sunday Market!

This is a new event for me, and also a new city that I've never traded at before!

This exciting fair is held in the historic Market Place, right in the heart of this beautiful city.
I've got a 10ft x 10ft pitch, so plenty of space for me to have a variety of my vintage goodies, with some upcycled and renovated vintage furniture.

See you there!!

Friday, 6 March 2020


I'm currently wading through an enormous pile of Bournemouth football programmes I recently bought!

They date from the early 70s through to the late 80s, and are a fascinating read.
Back in the 70s they were still clunkily known as Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic FC, but rebranded themselves as AFC Bournemouth, with a fantastic new club badge to go with it.

Striker Ted MacDougall was the hero of the hour back then, especially when he hit 9 goals in one FA Cup match against Margate.

The optimism and determination to succeed really comes across in these early programmes, but despite promotion to the Third Division in 1971, and a close shave with promotion to the Second Division, it never quite happened.

Excitement picked up again though in the early 80s when, bizarrely George Best briefly played for them, and Harry Redknapp became manager.

The collection I've got are in amazing season-by-season volumes, which would look great displayed on shelves.
There's also loads of extra loose programmes, and tonnes of Bournemouth aways.
They have personal touches as well, scores and team changes have been written in, (which personally I don't mind, but some avid collectors hate!!), and some even contain the original match tickets.

A fantastic collection for any Bournemouth fan!

When I'm done reading through them I'll be bunging them on sale, so keep an eye out!!!

Wednesday, 4 March 2020


As I'll be at this year's amazing BEAULIEU SPRING AUTOJUMBLE, I've been sorting out some motor-related pieces from the ArtPix Storeroom.

And look what I have here ...
An unusual and unique garage!

It probably dates to the 1960s, and is all handmade and decorated with loads of vintage motor paraphernalia logos.
It has also been covered with brick, stone and tile effect papers that are usually found on doll's houses and other models of buildings.

It would make a great way to display a collection of toy cars, including the classic Matchbox and Corgi. 
Or even an interesting backdrop to recreating a garage or motor racing scene.

If this has fired your imagination, then tootle on down to the Retro Village marquee at the Beaulieu Spring Autojumble on 16th/17th May, and find it on display at my stall!! 


Monday, 2 March 2020


I had an absolutely brilliant day at Lou Lou's Bristol Vintage Fair last Saturday!!
It was my first fair in the city, and I loved the place.
The venue, The Passenger Shed, was spectacular, and there were very cool people around, all prepared to spend lots of money on my stall!!!

There will be quite a lot of things happening outside of the ArtPix World this month, which means my next scheduled market isn't until the end of the month ...
I'll be back at the brilliant Bridport Vintage Market on Sunday 29th March, so pop in and find me there!

I'm going to be out and about this month checking out different markets that I'm hoping I can do. Starting back in Bristol next weekend.

Also, I've started gathering together a few vintage bits and pieces that I'll be selling online.
Some things are either too big, too delicate or too expensive(!) to sell at fairs, so it makes sense to keep them safely at home and see if someone wants to pick them up from ArtPix Towers.

Keep in touch for more news on all these fronts!!

Thursday, 27 February 2020


Don't miss me this Saturday at Lou Lou's Bristol Vintage Fair!!!

All set inside the fabulous Grade I listed Passenger Shed, built by local legend Isambard Kingdom Brunel, this will be a vintage extravaganza!!

I'll have loadsa retro & vintage goodies, so come along and get shopping!

See you there!

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

1940s WOMAN

Just look at this wonderfully atmospheric and mysterious photo.

Unfortunately I don't know who she is... 

It dates to World War II, and despite the many clues on the uniform, with various badges and insignia, I just can't pinpoint who she was serving with.

You can tell she has bags of charisma though, with her amazing hair and cap at a jaunty angle, you could write a whole book just from looking at this photo. 

If you've been inspired by this, then come along to this Saturday's LOU LOU'S BRISTOL VINTAGE FAIR, where you'll find it on my stall, in amongst a huge array on other vintage goodies!!


Sunday, 23 February 2020


Very excited to say that next Saturday I'll be at Lou Lou's Bristol Vintage Fair!!!

Set in the iconic Passenger Shed building, next to Temple Meads railway station, right in the heart of the city, this will be an amazing day!

I'm bringing along tonnes of vintage and retro goodies, in what will be my first fair in Bristol.

See you there!!

Thursday, 20 February 2020


Today is footballing legend Jimmy Greaves' 80th birthday!

What is often lost in the mists of time, is that he started his career at Chelsea, setting all sorts of crazy goalscoring records!
His trophy-winning days followed at Tottenham, via a short stint at AC Milan, finally ending up at West Ham.

I'm very proud to say, that I sold one of my Retro Football Jimmy Greaves cards to one of his daughters a while back, at a design fair in Essex. She said she was going to give the card to him later that day, WOW!!!

Tuesday, 18 February 2020


As Liverpool march relentlessly toward the Premier League title this season, it seems unbelievable that this will be their first Championship win since 1990!!!

The Reds were perennial winners throughout the 70s and 80s, but their titles stopped dead at the beginning of the 90s.

This fantastic jigsaw, from that historic 1989/90 season, is now a highly collectable bit of retro football memorabilia!

Relive those pre-Premier League days, with Anfield legend Kenny Dalglish as manager, Ian Rush and John Barnes up front, Bruce Grobbelaar in goal, and Alan Hansen in defence, with this 500 piece puzzle.

It'll be in my unit at The Customs House in West Bay, Dorset if you fancy it!!
Come on down to the Jurassic Coast and find this unique slice of football history!

Friday, 14 February 2020


I'm very pleased to announce that I'll be at the world-famous Beaulieu Motor Museum for this year's Spring Autojumble!!

This enormous event is an absolute must for any fan of cars, and especially classic cars!
It will be packed to the rafters with incredible traders, motors of all sorts, and anything car-related you could possibly want.

However, this year, the museum have introduced a clever new twist to the show, by adding a 'RETRO VILLAGE'
A marquee with vintage traders, who will be selling a mixed variety of stock.
This innovative idea broadens the event out, meaning it will cater to all fans of the retro & vintage world.

And this is where you'll find me!!!

As, although I have a great selection of car-themed memorabilia, I can bring along a wider range of things to interest all vintage aficionados.

This mammoth event is over the weekend of Saturday 16th May – Sunday 17th May, and will be a stunning show. There is an extraordinary amount to see and do, just visiting the well-renowned museum and seeing all the stalls will take all weekend!!

Check it all out HERE

And keep in touch for news of some of the great motor-related stock I'll be bringing along!