Monday, 9 April 2018


Everyone knows the board game Monopoly, but did you know there was a special war version?

As the Second World War was progressing, resources became more and more scarce. So hefty cut backs were being made in every walk of life. Board games included!

So the makers Waddingtons began to produce editions of the game without the traditional metal tokens. They were replaced with cardboard versions instead, thus saving on precious metals.

Even the dice was now just a flimsy bit of thin card, so beware not to step on it!

Inside the box there is a small orange bit of paper with an explanation of what was going on. 

It says that in the WAR TIME PACK "the trinkets have been replaced by wood pieces".

Curiously, it also says that the dice have been substituted by a spinner, although my version of the game includes that card dice. Maybe the restrictions had tightened further by then?

It still retained all the classic cards with their famous London locations though. Even if they were being bombed at the time.

If you would like this unique version of the iconic game, then come along to the EXETER FLEA MARKET on the 14th April and you'll find it on my stall!
It starts at 7-30am, so get your skates on!!

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