Saturday, 7 April 2018


I bought this delightful vase some years ago at Covent Garden Antiques Market in London as a gift for someone. Then, on the very next stall I found something more appropriate for that person, so I ending up keeping it for myself!!

The hand-painted 1930s vase was made in the Czech Republic, then of course Czechoslovakia, by the Ditmar-Urbach company.
The company's roots go back to 1841, being formed by two brothers, Karel Rudolph and Friedrich Ditmar. After a complicated history and various take-overs they seemed to have traded as Ditmar-Urbach from 1919 to 1938.

If you look close enough you can spot a few tiny influences from three titans of the Art Deco ceramics world.

The tree and flowers, with their flowing surreal shapes and bright colours have more than a hint of Clarice Cliff's unique designs.

The mottled effect on brown tones, coupled with the dot patterning, reminds me of Charlotte Rhead and her fantastic charger plates and vases.

And the ribbed shaped vase even made me think of the crisp and simple lines of Keith Murray's Wedgewood vases.

I've never seen another example of this vase anywhere, either online or at any fairs or markets, so this really is rare find.

And lucky you, if you fancy owning this deliciously Deco piece, then come along to the EXETER FLEA MARKET on 14th April and you will find it on my stall!!

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