Wednesday, 11 April 2018


Here are two stunning vases that are completely on trend at the moment.

These in-demand ceramics are made by the famous Scheurich Keramik company.
The Bavarian based company goes back to 1928, and from about 1948 onwards started to branch out into the world of homeware ceramics.

By the 1970s they were producing innovative and modern designs like these examples.
They had a simple numbering system that denotes the pattern and the height of the vase in centimetres.

My vases have the same pattern number, 289, which was the Foligno design, with the green and orange vase being 18cm in height.

And the brown vase being over twice the height at an impressive 41cm.

You can start your collection of iconic West German ceramics right away with these two vases!
Then you can really get into the super-cool Mid-Century look, by placing them on this fantastic 50s wooden table, which has that typical curved shape from the era. How cool is that?!

All these can be yours if you come along to the EXETER FLEA MARKET this Saturday, on the 14th April, as they'll all be at my stall there!!

Hurry along and be the first in the queue!

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