Tuesday, 10 April 2018


Got a great selection of the classic cars made by Corgi Toys to show you!

The company first started producing toy cars in 1956 as a direct competitor to Dinky Toys, and they proved to be a big hit straight away. 

My collection dates from the late 70s to early 80s and they all have their original boxes. 
The design for the boxes was a masterpiece. With their distinctive colour scheme of dark blue and bright yellow, with added coloured lines and clean, clear typography they completely stood out on the shelves. It looks both retro and modern.

This is just a small part of the collection I've got!

Here is a great example of the design of the boxes, with those distinctive dark blue and yellow colours. There was always an extra coloured stripe, usually in different colours for each box.

The side of the box. Just look at that simple but brilliantly stylish design!! Clearly denoting the model number of the car, the name and the Corgi logo.

The back had the great touch of a picture of the real car, and also lists any of the features it had. On this one it had opening doors.

This sporty number is a BMW M1.

An American Chevrolet-Superior 61 Ambulance with added medic and patient.

This Jeep and Surf Rescue boat was from the mostly forgotten Australian TV series Chopper Squad. Which ran from 1977-1979. 

Close-up of the Jaguar XJ12C.

Really cool Land Rover 109WB in bright red and with Forest Fire Warden stickers.

Customised Mazda B1600 Pick-up Truck, which has a "Truck-on USA" sticker on the bonnet!

Classy looking Rolls-Royce Corniche, which unusually had a picture at the front of the box.

Great Superman Daily Planet Jetcopter, which tied in with the movie that came out in 1978. It even still has spare rockets that would fire from the front!

Iconic London Taxi, the older shaped ones you sadly don't see anymore.

A rally version of the VW Polo, showing off all the opening door features it has.

All these cars and many more will be on sale on my stall at the EXETER FLEA MARKET on 14th April!!!
Your chance to snap up a design classic!

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