Monday, 5 March 2018


Here is another exciting item I'll be bringing along to the GIANT TOY COLLECTORS FAIR at Shepton Mallet on 25th March ...

This fantastic garage was made by Toy Works Ltd in the 1970s.

The company was originally started in London in 1940 by Rudolf Holzer and after various moves ended up in Bideford in north Devon in 1965.
They were famous for making dolls houses, snooker tables and other toys, but also these brightly coloured garages.

You can make out my garage in the Toy Works Ltd Catalogue from 1973, in amongst all their other goodies.

This is the company's distinctive logo:

The garage has a brilliant colour scheme of red, blue and yellow, making them unique from any other toys like this at the time.

To get the cars on to the two tiers you can pop them on this lift!

And this is the nifty little mechanism to move the lift up and down!

And don't forget to fill up with petrol!

Handily the garage is open day and night ...

If you want this item come along to the fair at  the Royal Bath & West Showground!

Stay tuned for more toys and games that I'll be bringing along, including some fantastic STAR WARS bits!

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