Saturday, 17 March 2018


Got an absolute corker of a Corgi car to show you ...

 This fantastic Ford Thunderbird is from the American TV series VEGA$

The car was very much part of the show, and obviously set in Las Vegas, it starred Robert Urich as Private Detective Dan Tanna, and ran for an impressive 69 episodes between 1978 and 1981.

And the toy manufacturers Corgi saw the potential, with a classic American motor and a hit TV show, they produced this gem in 1980.

Brilliantly detailed and with an added Dan Tanna figure it really looks the part.

I still have the original box!!!
And check out the price label from 1980 stuck on the front ... £2-99!

Robert Urich as Dan Tanna features on the box.
The back of the box has a great shot of the car cruising down a street in Las Vegas.

The distinctive Corgi packaging of bright yellow and very dark blue. I've always loved this simple but really stylish design. And nice touch of replicating the Dollar sign as the S, as they did in the TV show!

Great packaging inside the box, with the car screeching to a halt and Dan firing his gun.

Close-up view of Dan!

Superb detailing to capture the T-Bird look.

Added bonuses of the boot and bonnet opening, or should that be, trunk and hood?!

Another nice touch of authenticity with the painted white wheels.

I have loads and loads of retro Corgi cars, most with their original boxes, for sale.
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