Tuesday, 20 March 2018


 Got another classic toy from THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK to show you! 

It's the cuddly Tauntaun!!!

Very handy transport when you are on a freezing ice planet called Hoth. Although they do tend to freeze up and keel over if left standing for too long.
Just ask Han Solo!!!

This is one of the brilliant STAR WARS toys made by Palitoy, tying in with the 1980 movie.
I still have the original box, which also has the price label from 1980 on it – £5.25, wow!

You can recreate the scene when Han was out on patrol with the Tauntaun, or out searching for the missing Luke Skywalker, as the toy had a nifty feature that allowed you to place a figure inside the top of the creature, making it appear that it was sitting on top!

See above where the gap in the saddle is, where you can push the figure into place!

Hey presto, Han is off on patrol!

Just like on the box!

I also have the  TURRET & PROBOT PLAYSET  and the  TWIN-POD CLOUD CAR  from THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK film, and the whole lot will be on sale on my stall at the GIANT TOY COLLECTORS FAIR at Shepton Mallet on 25th March.


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