Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Another ArtPix artwork for you ...

The leading image here is from a 1934 cigarette card of the absolutely iconic Anna May Wong, famed actress from the 1920s to the 50s.

As she appeared in loads of black and white movies and had such a striking presence, I thought a Film Noir feel to the artwork would be a good idea. Added to that an almost Bladerunner edge, to give it an extra dimension.

As always I've used many of my own photographs, these taken in London and Brussels. 
The Barkers building in Kensington, an Art Deco masterpiece, already has a futurist feel so lent itself to the Bladerunner vibe, especially all lit up. 
And I was pleased to at last use a few blurry night time photos I took in Brussels several years ago.

The 40s/50s adverts have that sinister edge despite supposedly depicting positive things.
The advert with the fighter planes has the brilliant caption 'Freedom Has a New Sound!', as the planes blast over a quiet American suburban scene. You couldn't ask for a more bizarre and twisted picture!!

I still have tonnes more ideas for new artworks, so stayed tuned right here!

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