Thursday, 5 October 2017


I've gone a bit collage crazy this week, so welcome to the latest artwork off the ArtPix production line ...

The film icon Greta Garbo, as you've never seen her before, is the main image on here. 

Hence the title GRETA GARBAGE! 

As with all the collages I do, I don't have to explain any message or theme, as its just a combination of pictures I find along the way. I always like to use my own photos somewhere and manipulate any images I cut out, and see where that takes me.
So no artistic waffle here!!!

Incidentally, my photos used here are the Shard in London, with some clunky concrete 70s blocks in the foreground. And the radio pic at the bottom is a treasured ArtPix Family heirloom, bought in Teddington around 1962, this Ferranti radio actually still works!

I've got another collage that I've done this week to show you, so keep an eye out for that.

Meanwhile, I'll carry on plundering the archives for more amazing pictures to use.  

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