Sunday, 29 October 2017


It is with some relief that I can say the new Blade Runner film is absolutely outstanding!

Like many, my heart sank when I first heard of the sequel being made, as the original was such a stand-alone classic.
The revered 1982 movie has been such an influence to so many people, and is rightly regarded as one the best sci-fi films ever made.

The new film though can proudly sit alongside it and is easily a worthy continuation.

The epic cinematography, sprawling and crawling cityscapes, paranoia, technology, human condition, bleakness are all achieved with a quiet and understated air.

I then managed to dig out my old VHS video of the original film!

On the cover they've put Harrison Ford holding a gun (still standard Hollywood practice, to feature guns), drawn in a strangely dated 70s action comic style illustration. Sean Young though is looking like those weird airbrush paintings that you'd always see in the 80s! She's also having a crafty fag, which you would definitely NOT see in Hollywood now!!

This alien piece of technology is of course the not-very-missed video cassette!!
Which once you've watched the film, hoping it wouldn't mess up half-way through, you would have to rewind the tape. The video player would then become this crazed machine as it made a terrible racket, sounding like it would fly out of the window at any moment! After that you would have to troop back to Blockbuster Video to give it back, happy days!!

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