Monday, 2 October 2017


Here is my latest creation ...
Another of my slightly surreal collages ...

As with my last space-invader-inspired collage, there are loads of famous faces to be seen.
Spot them before they get eaten up, as they are literally 'in the soup'!!

This one actually started out as a real-life decoupage artwork, but the original cut-out bits and pieces were all just slightly the wrong size.
So I ended up scanning everything in and doing the whole thing in Photoshop.
A bit of a shame as I've really enjoyed doing the decoupages recently and getting away from digital.

Never mind, I still have all those carefully cut-out pix, so I can use them for something else!

If anyone is interested, the main picture and flying soup tin come from an advert in a Belgian magazine from 1965, flogging a scary looking green soup from the Dutch company Unox. 
They started life in 1937 selling meat products and branched out into soups in 1957. The company is still going strong today.

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