Tuesday, 24 October 2017


At the recent flea market at Shepton Mallet I picked up a stash of these lovely magazines.
All dated between 1937 and 1939, they ooze 30s charm and glamour.

A classic example of the exquisite covers the Theatre World always managed to have.

It must have been wonderful to have seen a theatre play at that time. There were many famous film stars who trod the boards around this era, so you had a fair chance of seeing a top star as well.

Oddly, there isn't that much info on the history of the magazine online, but you see them occasionally knocking around antique fairs, and I've bought a few in the past. I know it started in 1925 and made it to the 50s, before I think it amalgamated with another theatre magazine.

Brilliant comic scene by three veteran actors.

Stunning portrait of Bernard Shaw. Or George Bernard Shaw as he's also known!

On the eve of war and Theatre World has upped its game. They've redesigned their covers, by ditching the orange colour scheme and having a full-bleed photo. Brilliant!

A couple of the issues I bought were a bit tatty, so I've decided to do a decoupage of a few of the amazing portraits and stage shots within the magazines.
I also recently bought a 1930s bedside cabinet, so I'm going to use that to create a glamorous Art Deco piece of furniture. 
I'm hoping to start it this week, so watch this space!!

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