Wednesday, 29 July 2020


Just discovered a 'new' vintage thing.

1970s Detecto Puzzles!!

It gives the humble old jigsaw a whole new twist. The idea was to solve a mystery by completing a jigsaw.

They also look great, the box was made to look like a classic murder mystery style book, complete with dramatic cover!

Open the 'book' to read the short mystery story, giving you the characters, plot, clues and hints as to whodunnit.

The jigsaw then reveals the culprit and how they did their dastardly crime!

The one I have is 'The Haunting of Pelham Grange' from 1975.

Someone is trying to spook poor Norah Vance, next in line to the family fortune.

The ghost of ancestor Sir Norbert Vance keeps appearing at night, calling out her name, and smashing up the place.

Will Norah go mad and thus forfeit the fortune?

And who amongst the gathered crowd could be the perpetrator?

Is it her sister Adeleide, Reverend Hugo Murdoch, Psychic Society secretary Bernard Sibling or ageing journalist Fred Oldacre???

The snooping, but canny Evelyn Whitty (a Miss Marple-type character), is on the look-out, and is determined to find out what's happening!!!


Here is the completed jigsaw ...

But who was it?!

You'll have to buy it off me to find out!!!!

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