Thursday, 9 July 2020


The first issue of my brand new digital magazine is ready!!!

Go to the link HERE

I've uploaded it to Issuu, so you can browse through the magazine at your leisure!

I'm pleased to have this now up and running, as it was an idea I'd first had a few years ago.
When the lockdown really kicked in, I revived the idea.
The initial planning, setting out my ideas, sourcing pictures, photographing stock, designing and writing it, was all done in barely 2 months.

I wanted a fairly fluid style and design to it, not a rigid template with the same layout and fonts on every page. I also wanted a 'vintage-but-modern' feel.

It shows my passion for all things vintage and retro, also showing some of the stock I have for sale, and items in collections I've got.
I've also been able to showcase some of my own designs and artworks, with photos and digital collages.

Below is the Contents page, showing what's on all the different pages.

Most of the features will be regulars, including the Retro Football, Classic Movies, Fave Vintage Mags and the For Sale pages.

I hope it will be of interest to someone out there!!

I'm already working on the next issue, as I'm planning to do 4 magazines a year, with a publishing date of Autumn.

Keep in touch here for updates and news of the next issue, including a sneaky look at the cover of Issue 2 ...

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