Sunday, 20 October 2019


Someone somewhere is trying to tell me something ...

Having had to cancel a few outdoor events recently, I was really looking forward to doing the INDOOR Exeter Flea Market yesterday .......


Having prepared all week to get ready, very early on Saturday morning, the electrics at ArtPix Towers decided to go haywire. So instead of going to the market, I was calling a sparky to come round and fix things.

So, as well as losing the stall money, there was the loss of potential earnings, meaning October and September have been a bit of a disaster.


Fingers will be very crossed for my next fair .... LOU LOU'S VINTAGE FAIR in Bournemouth on 10th November!!!

Fortunately my unit at THE CUSTOMS HOUSE in West Bay has continued to do well.

Sales have been up from last year, which is pretty rare these days for any business. 

I'm putting loads of football related stuff in there this week. 
So run along if you fancy any retro football programmes and designs of your favourite teams!

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