Tuesday, 8 October 2019


Thought I would show you another of my little rescue/upcycle projects ...

A lovely small 1930s travel case.

I found it looking forlorn and forgotten, so it needed a new lease of life!
I cleaned it up and repaired a few loose bits hanging off.

Usually I would scrub off all the rust on the latches and handles, but I thought it added to the charm of this little case, so I left it. 
It also matches the overall colour scheme!

Then to cover up the tatty lining inside, I used pages from an original newspaper from 1936, giving it an extra authentic touch.

These cases make great storage, and although this one is a little 'un, it could still be used to store a collection of vintage items, like magazines or postcards.

So just in case you fancy this, pop along to this Saturday's LANGPORT VINTAGE MARKET and find it on my stall!!

See you there!

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