Thursday, 17 October 2019


I do love a bit of Mid-Century ...
And I especially like the 50s magazine racks ...

Usually they are metal, with the Atomic age rounded feet in plastic, but I'd never seen a wooden and brass one before ...

Its still clearly 1950s, and is a real gem, with its unusual design and because of the materials used. 

It has a sturdy, but elegant feel to it, and as with all these classics, has the rounded feet, but this time made of wood.

It would be perfect for any Mid-Century or retro fan, who has a funky living room, to use this to store your vintage 50s magazines.
It can actually be used to store a few records in as well.

So if you've been racking your brains wondering where to find one of these, then fear not, just run along to this Saturday's EXETER FLEA MARKET and find it on my stall!!!

See you there!

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