Thursday, 24 January 2019


I love old vintage cameras, they are often design classics, and you just wonder how many holidays they've been taken on and how many photographs they've taken!

I've got several in the ArtPix Storeroom for sale, and this one below is a great example ...

This is a Coronet Twelve-20, that was made in Birmingham in 1950.
It actually looks much older, with its classic Brownie box camera shape, and Art Deco styling. 
This is the 'Colour-Filter Model', which perhaps would have made it quite modern for the post-war era.

I love the little colour filter feature on the side of the camera!

It also has its original case, which is always a nice extra to have as well.

I'm certainly not a professional photographer, so I don't actually use these vintage cameras, I just appreciate their design and age, but I sell to people who intend to use them, which is fantastic.

They would be able to take photographs of a unique quality that no digital camera or Photoshop could recreate. 

They are often bought by students, using them for projects, or people who have a passion for cameras, and I love the idea that they will have a continued life, taking great photos.

You'll have your chance to get your hands on this or some of the other vintage cameras at my next two vintage fairs ...

Sunday 17th February


Saturday 2nd March

See you there!!

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