Sunday, 13 January 2019


I have here an exquisitely decorative item, with a brilliant name ...

You would just think that this was a dustpan and brush, but as befitting such a beautiful piece, its actual name is a crumb tray!!!

I love this name, and it does make perfect sense, as its real use was to sweep crumbs off a dinner table.
Which is far more dignified than scrabbling around on the floor sweeping up bits!

It does have an air of sophistication about it don't you think, with the very elegant shape of the brush, and the intricate flower designs and motifs. 
You could imagine a butler or maid discreetly brushing up the cake crumbs from the afternoon tea!


So how old is it?
Looking at the designs it could be 1900s, with its vague hint of Art Nouveau.
But, taking a closer look, it could also be Arts & Crafts, which could nudge it back a bit further into the 1890s or as early as the 1880s. 

So not only is this an unusual and ornate item, but is a genuine 'antique', in the real sense of the word.

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