Tuesday, 15 January 2019


We've all had a Batchelors Cup-a-Soup in our time, but now you can have one retro-style!!!
I've got these brilliant cups that date to the 1970s, that absolutely scream RETRO!!!

The company Batchelors started life in Sheffield in 1895, becoming known as purveyors of dried foods.
Their legendary dried soup in packets, the 'CUP-A-SOUP', were brought out in 1972, although they'd first had a go at it as far back as 1949.

My cups are probably items you'd send off for using tokens, or possibly used as promotional giveaways.
It's good to see the brand is still going strong, but I'm not that keen on their rather bland new logo and packaging, that's why it makes perfect sense to go retro!!
Mine have a perfectly simple and stylish design, with clear and legible type, and a cool block of colour underneath. 

They remind me of the Pantone colour mugs you find in slightly upmarket stationary shops.

They'd be great to use to sip your soup, but as the design is so cool, can just be displayed in the kitchen.

You'll be able to find them at my upcoming fairs at LOU LOU'S BOURNEMOUTH VINTAGE FAIR on Sunday 17th February and VINTAGE SOMERSET in Wells on Saturday 2nd March!

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