Wednesday, 30 January 2019


I rescued this rather forlorn looking doll's house last year and have given it a new lease of life!

Handmade in the 1930s, it was already a unique and beautifully crafted object, it just needed a bit of TLC!
And as it had the look of a pre-War house, I chose the colours to match a classic 30s Metroland house. A pale yellow, with dark green trimmings and a nice cheerful bright red front door. 
The toymakers Tri-ang often used the same colour scheme for their doll's houses around this time.

I also added the 'mock Tudor' effect on the gables, that is so familiar on these types of houses.

Put brick effect paper on the chimney and tiles for the roof.

And I also made some windows, with matching green frames ... 

I went a bit crazier with the colours inside though!

A bright pink bedroom ...

A fabulous 1970s orange for the lounge. 
I picked that to match the groovy 70s curtains that were already there!

And a nice blue upstairs, that also matched the existing curtains and carpet ... 

There were amazing discoveries as well! 
Just like when renovating a real house, original features can suddenly appear.
As I hacked away at the old woodchip wallpaper stuck on the walls, hidden wooden fireplaces were revealed, which was a nice surprise!!

I then put a bit of vinyl flooring down for the hallway, which I painted in a mustard yellow ...

The house was great fun to do, all it needs now is a new home! 
This is a one-off, as it was handmade, and now with my own colour scheme, it will be unique thing to own.
It will probably be too big for some vintage fairs I'm doing, so it may only appear at outdoor and salvage fairs, but if you want it, let me know!!!

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