Wednesday, 3 October 2018


Have you ever seen one of these?!

This fantastic 1950s device is a 'Zippade', and is an absolute must-have for fans of vintage dresses!!

I guessing here, but I presume it can sometimes be tricky zipping up a dress(!).
So, all you need is this handy contraption ...

Simply attach it to the zip, then pull the string, to zip up the dress. Sorted.
Of course remembering to detach it from the zip afterwards!

This vintage treasure can actually be a useful and usable object, or you can simply just have it as a fabulously kitsch bit of 50s memorabilia!

If you fancy it, then zip along to LOU LOU'S BOURNEMOUTH VINTAGE FAIR this Saturday at the Bournemouth Pavilion, and you can find it on my stall!!!


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