Wednesday, 17 October 2018


I don't know about you, but I just love old scrapbooks!!

There can be all sorts of amazing things in them, and just recently I acquired these three crackers.

They are immaculately presented scrappers, with postcards and souvenir photos lovingly stuck in from trips around Europe.
All of them date to the 1950s, which I could date as a lot of the postcards are written on, so they have the stamp marks on them.

The cards describe the various trips, weather, state of the hotels, the rough Channel crossings and long train journeys amongst other things! They capture the spirit of a time when foreign travel was only really just starting up again after the war.

The holidays and postcards collected by our intrepid traveller included Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Sweden and the Channel Islands.

Funnily enough they belonged to someone living in Benfleet in Essex, which is just up the road from my old stomping ground of Southend-on-Sea!
The lady obviously worked in Lloyds Bank in Fenchurch Street up in the City, as several postcards are addressed there. It was, and still is, a common commute for people living around there to work in London. I did it for donkeys years!!

If you fancy these amazing scrapbooks, then come along to the EXETER FLEA MARKET this Saturday, as I'm bringing them along and plonking them on my stall!

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