Monday, 15 October 2018


After the washout of the weekend, I'm pleased to say I've booked an INDOOR market for next Saturday!!!

I'll be at the EXETER FLEA MARKET in the Exeter Livestock Centre, in Matford, Exeter.

And as I some spare time yesterday, with all that rain coming down, I dug out the pva glue again and got to work on a new decoupage!!
I recently got a lovely small wooden book rack, which I thought could do with sprucing up a bit.

So I've used a battered, and beyond repair, copy of the classic book Tom Brown's Schooldays from 1909, to cover it.

I'm adding coats of varnish to it now and will be on sale soon!!

I also had time to update my new website a tiny bit.
I'm only working on it sporadically at the moment, as I'm waiting for the winter to finish it off.
But I loaded up photos of some of my vintage stock with explanations as to what they are.
All these things are for sale, and you might see some of them at Exeter next Saturday!!

Have a sneak preview HERE

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