Saturday, 26 December 2015


Have started tinkering with my website, have been meaning to give it an MOT for a while and update a few bits.

Today, I've added a few piccies to the Photo gallery.
As well as my vintage based artworks and designs, one of my fave things is photography. Although not a professional by any means, (I just point my tiny digital camera at things!!), I love to tinker with photos afterwards.

Here is a few that have been added...

Battered boat at Crow Point in north Devon. It still has its amazing vivid colours.

A Brutalist beauty at the Barbican in London.

Classic seaside amusement arcades at Southend.

Ancient trees near Cow Castle on Exmoor.

And have a peep at the website if you like or if you can...

Apologies to all who have those new fangled iPads/Phones etc, as I think my website doesn't work on them because of Flash. Technology eh??!
Wished they'd told me that before I'd spent hours and hours setting it up and paying for the domain!!!!!!!!!!

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