Sunday, 13 December 2015


Something rather amazing is happening down in Dorset at the moment... 

Bournemouth's footie team are causing serious shockwaves and are starting to enjoy their first season in the Premier League!

After an incredible 1-0 win at Champions Chelsea last week, they've managed to follow that up with an amazing 2-1 win over Manchester United!!

People like to knock football for all its faults, but sometimes it can still come up with a hugely romantic story.
Just 6 years ago Bournemouth only just avoided relegation out of the Football League altogether. Since then a level-headed approach has seen them rise through the divisions, culminating in the well-run club winning the Football League Championship last May and promotion to the Premier League.

As always I like to delve into the ArtPix Archives to find some retro gems, and I wasn't disappointed!

Here we have a superbly mad programme from 1972!!
The club had just changed their name to AFC Bournemouth, so this was part of a rebranding of the club's image which also included a new badge, still in use today.

They also had a fabulously cool kit in those days! Take a look at this team group from 1974 and marvel at their cool design, with the new badge and bold black and white vertical striped top! Can you spot a very young looking Harry Redknapp??? Even he looks great in that kit!

And here is a fantastic portrait of Bournemouth's Clive Payne, clearly showing their fantastic new badge. 

Even the magazine designer got carried away with the spirit of the occasion. Boldly experimenting with a crazy colour combination of magenta and cyan to somehow match with the red and white of the shirt!! Great days!!

Good luck to the Cherries for the rest of the season. And can you bring back this kit as well please?!

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