Wednesday, 30 December 2015


Have finally seen new the STAR WARS film, (yes, I know, what took me so long!!).

And, phew, it's absolutely brilliant!!

Very much like the original 1977 classic, with less unnecessary CGI and more focus on the actual people. Great new characters mixing with the old faves.

For us old 'uns who remember it all first time around in a galaxy far far away, it was a real treat, with many a reference to the original films.
I saw the first movie at the Dominion Theatre in Tottenham Court Road, and like many of my generation were blown away with it all.

This afternoon I stumbled around the loft to dig out some of my 1977 Star Wars figures, a must-have for any kid at the time!! 

Have a peep at these hastily taken photos of some of the collection! And try and guess which ones needed blu-tac stuck to their feet to keep them upright!!!

Of course, the one and only C3-P0!

Han Solo, ready to blast another Stormtrooper!

A very young Luke Skywalker, in pre-Jedi days!

A pesky Sandperson, always causing trouble!

Evil Stormtrooper, although not so tough now, as he needed the blu-tac to stay on his feet!

I have loads more Star Wars stuff, and according to ebay is worth a few quid, but I'll get that out another day!!

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