Saturday, 19 December 2015


Just a tiny update on my plans for an online magazine ...

Having worked as a magazine designer in London for the last 100 years, I thought why not create my very own magazine?!

So first up of course is a name ... And here I almost stumbled at the first hurdle, but eventually came up with the highly imaginative title of ARTPIX MAG !!!
This could change at any moment though!

And now to decide what on earth goes in it. 

Well, so far it will be a mixture of my latest news/designs/adventures, a few reviews of various things, a photo spread, Antique of the Month section, a retro footie page and a bit about how I create all my work (and how to buy it!!).

The next step is to create a look and then design all the bits and pieces. After that I'll have the small matter of writing it! I'll be everything on this project ... Designer ... Writer ... Editor ... Photographer ... Picture Editor.

So if you catch me talking to myself, that'll just be me having an Editorial Meeting!!

Hopefully I'll have a few updates on this soon ...

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