Tuesday, 3 December 2019


I do love an old tin, they have such charm and are packed with history.

Here I have a mini-collection of shoe polish tins, two of which I've never heard of before.

First up is this gorgeous Wren's Super-Wax Shoe Polish tin, in a lovely deep green colour. 
With its cute wren illustration, it dates to the 1950s.

Then the two mystery tins! 

The black Erdal one appears to be Belgian, although the company originates from Germany.

It has French and Flemish/Dutch text with the city of Brussels mentioned. 
Not sure how old it is, maybe 1950s??

The peculiarity of this tin is that it has a pelican motif, when all the German Erdal branding has a frog as its logo.
It's possible that they were changed when used in different countries, but I haven't found any other examples to prove the theory!

It also still has the original foil and polish inside! 

And then the Sidol Crème Lodix Luxe tin, which again is from Belgium, and another one that proves elusive.
To me this looks pre-War, so I'm guessing 1930s on this one. 

All three make a great addition to any tin collection, so polish up your boots and stomp on down to this Saturday's CRISPIN HALL VINTAGE MARKET, at Street in Somerset, and find them on my stall!!

See you there!

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