Thursday, 5 December 2019


Although my particular tastes in music are far off into another stratosphere, I do love the novelty of old mainstream stuff.

So I buy and sell a totally random selection of singles and albums at fairs.
People often think I'm an expert on various forms of 50s or 60s music just because I have some of these records for sale, when actually I'm rather more of an expert on the likes of Killing Joke and Front 242!!!

Here is another set of odd singles I've bought recently, all of which have their own novelty value ...

The Glenn Miller Story and the Pat & Shirley Boone singles are US Imports, and have satisfyingly thick cardboard sleeves, which I must admit, I'd never seen before!

The record from the James Stewart movie was released in 1954, on Decca Records of New York.

And the Boone's ditty came out in 1959, all the way from Hollywood's Dot Records.

The Cheesemeister Andy Williams brought out his Breakfast at Tiffany's tune (+ others) in 1962.

And this classic, from the iconic Louis Armstrong, is actually a French Import from 1964, and what a cool cover!!

The Import single itself is fairly common, but to have the original sleeve puts it into the 'Hard-to-Find' category.

All of these are mad and brilliant in their own way, so if you fancy spinning these choons, then pop along to this Saturday's CRISPIN HALL VINTAGE MARKET in the village of Street in Somerset, and find them on my stall!!

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