Saturday, 10 August 2019


Tonight my absolute favourite band are playing in Ladbroke Grove's Subterania in London.

And I won't be there .....

Tickets were a whopping fifty-odd quid, which I just couldn't justify spending, especially now I have to add on the petrol to get there from Dorset.

But, I do have the memories of seeing them play there in 1994.
One of my all-time favourite gigs ever!

Subterania is a tiny venue, and it was hotter than hot inside, but we all witnessed a very special performance from Killing Joke.

I was down the front as usual, and spent most of the evening getting crushed, and trying to avoid either being burnt alive or covered in paint by the performance artist they used to have on stage with them around that time. And I loved every second of it.

From a few grainy screen grabs from YouTube, you can see the chaos, and also you can see me!!
I had very long hair in those days, but that's me down there in the melee!!

So I won't be there tonight, but I'll be remembering that gig.

Honour the fire.

Watch it all here if you fancy it!!!

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