Sunday, 11 August 2019


As I live just around the corner from Chesil Cove on the Isle of Portland, when there are gale force winds, it's always great fun to go down there and watch the waves come crashing in!

And while I was down there yesterday, I noticed on the metal railings, along the promenade next to Quiddles café, something mysterious!

No, not something odd that had been washed up by the sea, but retro Bristol City stickers!!!
Someone had gone along the railings and stuck down different stickers of players!!

As a massive fan of retro football, this was brilliant, going along seeing which player would be next!
Most of them seemed to be from the late 1970s, when City were riding high in the old First Divsion.
Players like Tom Ritchie, Terry Cooper, Ray Cashley and the brilliantly named Paul Cheesley.


But, they weren't original ones, like the classic Panini stickers, they must have been a new set of stickers designed to look retro, COOL!!

So who was this mysterious person sticking retro stickers around Portland??!!
Could it be this person here ... !

I should have a set of stickers made up of my very own retro tribute to Bristol City!
It could become a unique marketing campaign to get more people to buy my retro football designs!!


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