Monday, 29 April 2019


At my last couple of markets, I've brought along this vase, which has caused rather a stir!!

It has created a lot of interest, but unfortunately not a buyer(!!!), and has intrigued a few ceramics collectors and experts.

Standing at 26cm high, and with its grey/green/blue tones and unusual decoration, to me it looks 1950s/60s and from Scandinavia. It just has that feel.
And the people who've inspected it have agreed with me. Trouble is, what's putting them off is that it hasn't got any stamp or maker's mark underneath, meaning it's a lot harder to track down its origins.
Which of course is a shame, but doesn't distract from the fact that the vase is an absolute beauty!

So if I can't get a buyer for it soon, I'm afraid, tragically, I'll just have to keep it and enjoy it all for myself! But of course if you do fancy it, then get in touch right now!!

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