Wednesday, 24 April 2019


I've recently been trawling through the ArtPix Archives, for memorabilia and photos of a couple of teams, to add to my collection of Retro Football collages.

Been looking for stuff for BOURNEMOUTH and BRISTOL CITY.

Makes sense for me to do Dorset's very own Premier League club, Bournemouth!
But I'll be honest, I've struggled a bit to find anything in my Archives.
Although now a high-achieving top level club, they've spent the majority of their time in the lower divisions, which sadly means there is little or nothing on them in mainstream publications.
But I have found a few gems!

This brilliant bubble gum card from 1958, showing the line-up of when they were known as Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic.

Another card showing the club badge from 1960.

And this brilliantly unusual poster of Bournemouth's legendary striker, Ted MacDougall, complete with his dog!!
Ted is probably their best known player, certainly the most iconic, and is famous for scoring an incredible 9 goals in one FA Cup match against Margate in 1971! 

Bristol City, on the other hand, have certainly had their moments, which means I've got a bit more on them.
A few Championship wins and a stint in the top division, (First Division in old money!), during the 70s, lifted their profile somewhat.

This is their triumphant Division 3 (South) Championship team from 1954/55.

Club legend John Atyeo in 1959.
John is the record-breaking player of their history, with an astonishing record of 351 goals in 645 appearances for City between 1951 and 1966. Wow, what a player!

One of my small collection of City programmes is this FA Cup 5th Round tie with Leeds United in 1973/74. 
Sensationally, the 2nd Division Robins drew this match, then beat them in the replay. 
Remember Leeds were a massive club at the time, and ended the season as League Champions.

I still have the cut off year of 1989 for my football collages, to make them truly retro, but I might make an exception with these two clubs, to have a bit more on them.

If you'd like to see all the others I've done, then pop along to my website HERE and have a peek!

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