Tuesday, 18 September 2018


I'm sure you all know the classic Mastermind game from the 70s, but have you ever seen the Word Mastermind?!

I hadn't! 

This word version is from 1975, three years after the original first came out, and it contains loads and loads of cool, tiny yellow letters. 

So instead of cracking the code of the colour blobs, you have to guess the word instead.

Now I know what you're thinking, with a four letter word to decipher, this game can quickly descend into a right old naughty farce!!!!
I'm sure the bods who invented this game weren't thinking of all the swear words you could come up with, as they've provided a huge list of possible words to use.

It's a great little game and a massive throwback to the 1970s! 

If you fancy it, then come along to the VINTAGE SOMERSET FAIR at Wells Town Hall, in the beautiful city of Wells, this Saturday and you can find it on my stall!!


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