Monday, 10 September 2018


This is a very strange case indeed!

I bought this lovely little 1950s travel case the other day.
Its cream coloured, with a subtle snakeskin effect, and opens up to reveal a plush red interior.

The case was made by the brilliantly named Pixie, with this being part of their Personal Luggage range.
I love the logo that's stitched inside the case, with the red pixie, it all has a real 50s feel.

So you can imagine my surprise as a pixie appeared out of the side-pocket when I'd turned it upside-down to clean it!!! 

It turned out to be Girl Guides pin badge, which seems to have a pixie on it!

A bit of research later, it appears to be called a 'Promise Man', although strangely there isn't that much info on it.
It looks like an ancient Pagan symbol, which is an odd logo to have for the Girl Guides!
Apparently they had these badges from 1932 to 1968, which fits in with the 1950s case and also something else.

As that wasn't all I found ...

There was also an old bus ticket!

From the Devon General Omnibus & Touring Co. Ltd, dated 5th November. And, I presuming here, that the '67', denotes the year 1967??
Which also fits in with the badge ...

I wonder who was this Girl Guide travelling around Devon with her little case in the 60s?! 

I've blogged before about the unusual things I've found in books, so always check for anything hiding inside vintage items!!!

And another thing ...

If you would like to own this charming Pixie Personal Luggage case, come along to the VINTAGE SOMERSET FAIR at Wells Town Hall on 22nd September, and find it on my stall!!! 

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