Saturday, 1 September 2018


For ages now I've had a fascination with Art Deco ceramics ...
With their amazing shapes, colours and designs, they conjure up an image of 30s style and sophistication.

So it was easy to spot this delightfully Deco trio of cup, saucer and plate on a stall at a recent fair I went to!

With its bold,  Modernist design and colour scheme I just had to have it!!

It also looked instantly recognisable, I felt I'd seen them around before, and a quick glance at the backstamp told me it was made by the well-known Gray's Pottery, which confirmed my hunch.

I then set about trying to find some info about it, and came across an excellent specialist site for the Stoke-on-Trent pottery company.

Here's what I found ...

The backstamp design was used between 1933-1950, meaning the early part is still bang on for the Deco period.

The Pattern number is: 7670.

The design type was called 'Banded Plain', to denote the bands of colours used.

Then, to my surprise, I found the designer to be none other than SUSIE COOPER!!

An absolute legend in the Art Deco ceramics world, a pioneering designer, who was still working well into the 1980s!

Although there is still a bit of mystery about it ... 
It appears this particular design dates to around 1928. 
Susie Cooper left Gray's Pottery in 1929. 
As we know, the backstamp date doesn't start until 1933.
I guess they were still sneakily using Susie's designs well after she'd left the company!!! 

So, WOW!!! What a lucky find!!!

Along with some bits of Clarice Cliff, Charlotte Rhead and Keith Murray, this will brighten up even further my modest Art Deco ceramics collection!!!

If you have a bit of Gray's Pottery and want to find out more, check the brilliant website I used for my research:

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