Tuesday, 5 June 2018


I love it when you find a bit of furniture and then instantly get an idea of what to do with it!

When I saw this table I knew it would look great in black.

And hey presto here it is painted!

Then another thought popped into my head, a simple motif that would add to the already cool 50s feel.

My inspiration was the star logo that was repeatedly used in the graphics and posters of the Brussels Exposition Universelle exhibition in 1958. Which coincided with the opening of the fantastic space-age building, the Atomium.

Completing the look, I also changed the legs on the table to the more cosmic looking ones with the metal feet. 
What better way to shout 1950s!!!  

And lucky you, as I'll be selling this table at the Giant Flea Market at Shepton Mallet on June 10th!!
Come along and see it for yourself.

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