Monday, 3 February 2014


Here is the first of some new RETRO FOOTBALL designs I've finished recently....

A must for all fans of SOUTHEND UNITED...
A real retro collage of groovy programme covers!

Most of this fantastic collection dates from the 1970s, and you can really trace the history of their covers going into the early 80s.
Those bods in charge of cover designs had a real taste for the hand-drawn cover! With some strange paintings and drawings sneaking in! Also, some brilliant 70s typography!!

Some restraint was called for in the 1974/75 season though as United's iconic boot logo appeared on a stark deep blue background.
In the 1976/77 they opted for another simple and stylish design, with their boot logo and a neat red, white and blue stripe down the left hand side, mirroring the club's shirt sleeves at the time.
Although they lapsed into the hand-drawn again over the next two seasons by 1979/80, it looks like they let a real designer have a go and came up with another stylish and striking cover design. Also featuring colour pictures for the first time. It all came at a cost though as within those 2 years the price had trebled to a whopping 30p!!!

Some of you may remember trooping down to Roots Hall on a Friday evening to buy one of these programmes before entering the floodlit ground, taking your place in the North Bank or the paddock of the East Stand. Here is a closer look at some of the programmes featured.

This is the oldest programme here from 1962, showing a great aerial view of Roots Hall.

A strange mix of striking typography and watercolour!

Super 70s logo, with hastily added typed info of opponents and date!

The brilliant United boot logo features on a stark blue background.

Striking and simple, a well balanced design.
Despite the nice typography and classic retro box, who on earth allowed that drawing to be done!

Innovative way of getting multiple colour pictures in for the first time.

If any Blues fans fancy one of these collages, catch me at the SOUTHEND VINTAGE FAIR on 2nd March at the Chase Sports Centre.

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