Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Welcome to the latest installment of my ongoing series of SOUTHEND DECADES POSTCARDS...

This one is dedicated to the 1910s and features a gorgeous original postcard showing Pier Hill and the Palace Hotel from 1915.

Dotted around are various young things from this vibrant decade, with Southend a booming and lively seaside resort. Although the soldier in the corner is a sad warning of things to come.

As ever, all these images are from the ArtPix Archives. My favourite things are the copy of The Southend & Westcliff Graphic newspaper from 1912 and the 1911 Coronation Medal featuring King George V and Queen Mary.

Some if these items also appear on my TOPSY-TURVY TENS collage of the same decade. Have a peep at it HERE.

I'm hoping to complete the SOUTHEND DECADES POSTCARDS series soon, but I keep getting sidetracked by other exciting projects and ideas!!

The only other one I've finished so far is the 1960s, so keep in touch to see how progress is going!

Both of these will be available at my next fair, the SOUTHEND VINTAGE FAIR, at the Chase Sports Centre on 2nd March.


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